Awesome Math Names

math names

Some of the best names for theorems and functions and stuff come from Linear Algebra. One of the most unforgiving subjects in math.

  1. Gauss-Jordan Elimination

    Just sounds like something from Terminator. It's a method used to find the inverse of a matrix among other things.

  1. Diagonalization

    A method used to separate a matrix into 2 other matrices. It is pretty useful for some really specific applications.

  1. Spectral Decomposition

    A more specific type of Diagonalization. One of the matrices are just slightly different to one of the results of Diagonalziation.

  1. Eigenvectors

    One of the matrices produced by Diagonalization. It has pretty interesting properties as well.

  1. Multiplicative Inverse

    A fancy word for $\frac{1}{x}$.

  1. Sigmoid Activation Function

    This is just one term used in AI (more specifically artificial neural networks). It describes when a neuron should be activated.

  1. Determinant

    An important operation for matrices in linear algebra. It is used almost every time matrices are mentioned.

I'll add more as I think of others but that is all for now.

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